I am a woman who is playing life like a game of chess. Checkmate will end it all, lets see who says it first.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kyon Dartey ho !

Life is busy. Busy in things that I had never wished I would spend my days doing. But till I have the luxury of living my dreams. I have to thank Allah fo rkeeping me employed. Haven't had time to think creatively these days. So I am posting a Nazm I wrote w long while ago.

I miss all my blogger friends. I hope to be back in action soon.

Aaj tum jatay howay mere haath par
Apni khusboo chor gay they
Meri sansoon mein mehak apni
Ungrai mein, jisam apna maroor gay they
Bahut dair mein apnay balo mein
Ungliyan pherti rahi
Ankhain band kye
Tumhey khayalo mein ghairti rahi
Phir na janay kyon ehsaas howa
K tum bahut door kharay muskura rahey ho
Huns rahey ho, mujhey chira rahey ho
Isharay say kehtey ho, aao mere paas aao
Mein tumhara huun jo pakar pao
Mugar mein janti houn!
Mere har kadam par,
Tum do kadam pehchay jao gay
Apney, mere beech fasla barhoa gay
Kiyon? Kyoun aisa kartey ho
Meri mohabat say itna dartey ho
Tum khud say dar lagta hay
Tumhara zehen jo dil say larta hai
Yeh yakeen hai mujh ko
Kabhi na kabhi
Tum mujhey banhoon me bhar logay
Aur kaho gay
Tum meri ho!
Sirf meri ho!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I am lost !

My blog is missing in action. Whenever someone is trying to access my blog they are getting an error. And I am clueless as to what could be the problem. If someone has any idea please send me aan email on shehmaat@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm Tagged !!!

Huun, so Psyched tagged me and I have been told if I don't follow through and forward it I'll get acne on my face and my hair will fall off. So I am doing this only to remain this stunning ;-)
And I am tagging Mansoor (wordofmansoor) and Inspirex. HAA HAA HAA

Here goes,

I am thinking about:
Food. Nah! Kidding. What can make me rich and famous quick (Robbing a Bank dressed as an icecream cone is my first choice)

I said,

I want to,
own an Island

I wish,
too much!

I miss,
my school days, freedom to do anything at anytime, and my best friend

I hear,
A lot of Bull S**t everyday

I wonder,
If I have a long lost rich uncle who will leave me everything when he conks

I regret,
Nothing much. What's done is done

I am,
not who you think I am

I dance,
pretty well

I cry,
Whenever I feel like it

I am not always,

I write,

because I need to

I need,
A Million Dollars so I can open my own T.V. Channel

I finish,
last in a race, first when eating dessert, not everything I do (curse of being a Gemini), usually victorious in an argument, and a joke with a witty punch line.

Hah! Done!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Can someone help Microsoft?

For all my computer loving friends

A Pakistani discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the
computer which can be named as "CON". This is something pretty cool...and
unbelievable... At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates,
couldn't answer why this happened ! So, inform about this to all your

Courtesy a forwaded email

Monday, September 11, 2006

Now this is Ambition

Written behind a Rickshaw

"Mein bara ho kar Truck Bano ga"

Courtesy: A friend who shared this with me

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ghazal - 2

Kuch motioon say khwaab hain, koi hai jo inko khareed lay
Masoom jazbay nayaab hain, koi hai jo inko khareed lay

Teri yaad k yeh kafilay, uff hijr kay yeh silsilay
Umer bhar ka azaab hain, koi hai jo inko khareed lay

Jawan hasratoon ka inaam hain, hasilay-e-umer-e-tammam hai
Chund sokhay huway gulab hain, koi hai jo inko khareed lay

Idhar to aieye huzoor, ik nazar to daikhiye zaroor
Yeh bhi chand-e-mahtab hain, koi hai jo inko khareed lay

Shama-e-hijr hai bujhi hoi, raat bhi hai dhali hoi
Asaar-e-seher jo ataab hain, koi hai jo inko khareed lay

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This Ramadan do something more

Even before the moon for the month of Shaban is sighted, rising prices announce that Ramadan is close. Tomatoes are Rs. 60-70 per kilo, a wilting bunch of corriander is Rs. 8-10. Pulses, rice, milk, sugar and every other kitchen necessity is now wrestling its way out of a poor man's weakening grip.

More fathers will be hanging themselves when they can no longer look at their hungry and deprived children. The white collar class will sink deeper and deeper into depression. And the blessed will scan the Sunday papers to see which Iftar deals they just can't afford to miss.

So how many of you are feeling sad, guilty or shaking your heads right now. All of us must feel something or we wouldn't be human. But what are we planning to do to alleviate the suffering of atleast one person this Ramadan.

I need advice from all my friends as to what we can do to truly celebrate and understand the meaning of Ramadan.

My suggestions;

  • Like my family has done for years, not have any elaborate arrangements for Iftar. One dish everyday and then dinner. And the money saved will be used to buy Eid clothes and shoes for atleast one family.
  • Arrange atleast 1 iftar everyday - Max Rs. 40 (less than the price of a 1 1/2 litre Soda bottle)
  • Buy rations for one family - Rs 1500 approx (cost of a meal at Pizza Hut)